Welcome to Clubsportive. Our 2500 square meter playground offers you spaces that inspire; a cycle-, boxing-, yoga- and gym class studio. Propel your training with epic studio-based workouts, a HIIT BOX zone, exclusive Technogym products, chic spa amenities with a 25m swimming pool (available at October) and several degrees in membership services. A club for all types of people, from all backgrounds, moving forward, as one.



Superior yoga and meditation classes housed inside of a full-featured club. Prepare to be connected with your inner Zen and get transformed in body and mind.


Cardio training meets the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike that tracks workout, enabling users to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience. Challenge yourself with a variety of drills, intervals and inspired playlists.


From strength training to functional training and challenging mat classes. Our gym classes offer a mix of classical, modern and innovative fusion workouts. Intense and focused, these classes bring the fun factor as well the burn.


Combine bag-work boxing, kick and other martial arts with functional training. A dynamic HIIT experience that is intense, challenging and burns calories. A healthy way to let off steam and turn your day around.


30-min HIIT BOX and HIIT workouts. This zone includes interval cardiovascular treadmill routines, strength training utilizing plyo-boxes and free weights that are proven to ramp up your metabolism.



A juice bar that produce daily-fresh juices, using a method of cold-pressing that locks in the maximum essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and preserves the natural flavors of the produce


Innovative wear and tools with superior functionality in every detail. Casall’s training wear is designed to enhance your body and individual look. And ultimately make you achieve more in training.


Bring hotel luxury home. Zenology is making sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products that nourish the skin, restore the body, glam up an interior or yourself, all with care for the environment.


Muscle recovery, tissue regeneration, stress management, flexibility, improved circulation and relaxation. These are some of the benefits of physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists provide custom-tailored treatment to specific problem areas.


In Mindfulness group courses all exercises and language are adapted to business environments. Special attention for training a focused mind, dealing with complex situations and creating clear personal & strategical choices.


High quality clinic specialised in skin optimisation, cosmetic treatments and revolutionary non-invasive treatments for skin tightening, fat removal, tattoo removal, and cellulite reduction. Reviv infusions for refilling your vitamin levels, max hydration and organs detox.