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Welcome To The Plastic-Free Movement



Clubsportive has dedicated itself to starting the #Plasticfreestory campaign. With the rise of single-use plastic litter, the time has come for Clubsportive to step in and make a change.


Throughout the past months, we started noticing the number of plastic water bottles being used at our gym.Therefore we have taken the time to design the Clubsportive re-usable water bottle.


We encourage you to become aware of the growing waste and to take the steps to change our behavior as a society. This campaign is aimed at the long-term mindset shift within the gym, as we aim to make environmentally-friendly changes.

Plastic-free bottles available at the frontdesk for € 12.95.
Will you join our story?




To start a movement in a gym, we need all the support we can get to keep it going! The start of a campaign can look daunting, but step by step Clubsportive is trying to make a difference. Simply because we believe in a cleaner world devoid of plastic waste.


Now the question circles back to you and your core values. What kind of story do you wish to lead? And where will this story bring you? It makes sense to have an incomplete story, but at least your values and moral codebook can be established. Our core values are targetted at making the world a plastic-free-story, what’s your story?


Our bottles are now available at the front desk! Pre-order your own bottle now and get your name engraved on the bottle cap for free. Purchase your own reusable bottle and start to make a change in your life. Because if we don’t all watch it, human civilization will literally be drowning in plastic by 2050, this is why the message is more important than ever.


Only together can we make a real difference. Single-use plastic is the most influential waste on the planet, contributing to over 40% of the waste on our planet. Straws, plastic cutlery, plastic plates, and water bottles are the most common waste objects found in nature. This is why Clubsportive has decided to start by making a change to plastic bottles in the gym. But we are not aiming at stopping here. Through the coming months, we want to tackle a number of different controversial topics ranging from women’s empowerment to going green. The more support we can receive for our first initiative the quicker we can get the ball rolling to make a real difference.


You’re not just buying a bottle, by buying the #plasticfreestory bottle you’re carrying on a message.


Now that we’ve told you our story, what else can you do to help?

Here below we’ve attached a response box where you can share your ideas with us! Tell us your ideas on how Clubsportive could take action to make the gym plastic-free. In addition to being plastic-free, we’re aware of other topics that need to be supported (such as women empowerment). If you have any ideas for us to pursue, drop it in the response box and we’ll see how we can make it come true.