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It’s way too quiet and empty here, and although we miss you in the club;
we can take it outside now.

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Team CS


The coronavirus affects us all and we must help each other wherever possible. Taking care of your health has always been important, but now even more. To ensure that everyone keeps moving and to contribute to this, we have set up #clubsportiveontour. Yesterday we gave our first rooftop training. It was great and heartwarming to see how many people joined the workout from their balcony.

We are not your average gym. We are Clubsportive. This is our story.


Als je niet naar de sportschool kunt komen,
komt de sportschool naar jou toe.

Mis je favoriete trainers en hun trainingen niet;
We hebben ze op de camera vastgelegd en speciale trainingen
gemaakt die je overal kunt doen.