As a company, you want to attract and retain healthy employees. We know how to get that done. 

Exercise makes your employees healthier, both mentally and physically. It contributes to their productivity, energy, and happiness. 

To prevent common health challenges related to corporate life, such as sickness, stress, and burnout related complaints, it is extremely important that your employees get the chance to recharge. 



Ensure personal growth in our 2500m² playground, join 100+ groupclasses a week or challenge yourself with our experienced personal trainers.  

Destress with Zenology workouts, designed to strengthen the body, the heart, and the mind while burning maximum calories. 

Dive into our 25m swimming pool or find ultimate relaxation with our luxurious spa amenities. 

Clear your desk and escape from the outside world at Clubsportive. 

ready for a change?

We would love to schedule a meeting with you to discuss how Clubsportive can help your employees stay fit whenever and wherever they want.