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Only the best is good enough. The Clubsportive fitness area features premium TechnoGym equipment. If offers everything you need to create your ultimate workout.


Cut your body fat and improve your fitness level with cardio training. From steps to running and cycling: the TechnoGym high-tech cardio equipment will help you push your cardio training to the next level.

Free weights zone

The TechnoGym Pure Strength strength training equipment will make you feel like you are training with free weights. The only difference is that it is much safer. The equipment mimics your body’s natural movements during free weight training.

Core stability

A strong core helps prevent injury and improves your posture. Want to work on your core stability? The fitness area has all the tools to train your abs, back muscles, and glutes effectively.


The best-of-the-best when it comes to cardio and strength equipment: TechnoGym’s ARTIS. It combines top-notch design, sophisticated biomechanical technology and a personalised platform with access to your favourite apps, websites and radio stations.


The HIIT Zone has everything you need for a die-hard HIIT training session. It is equipped with a SKILLMILL, plyo boxes, battle ropes and kettle bells so you can create your ultimate High Intensity Interval Training.


Train like an athlete on the TechnoGym SKILLMILL, inspired by the needs and training methods of Olympic athletes. This non-motorized exercise machine offers the ultimate combination of power, speed, endurance, and agility to improve your performance.