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Gym Class

This studio breathes the urban energy. Everyday you will find a challenging fusion-mix of exhilarating group classes . From Bodypump, Bodyshape to Pilates.



Body Shape: Simple, effective and very suitable for beginners: Body Shape. The full-body workout. Start with a warming up, followed by cardio and muscle-building exercises. On the floor, standing up or using weights… no two classes are the same.

Booty Blast: Get that booty in shape! This 60-minute class is all about the butt. After a simple cardio start, we’ll whip your backside into shape. And we won’t skip your legs and tummy either. Get ready for lunges, squats and donkey kicks.

Insanity: A 45-minute maximum-intensity full-body workout with various bodyweight exercises. Non-stop intervals of strength, endurance, abs and core exercises. Ready to go insane?

Pump express: A 45-minute class using a bar with weights of your choice. You will work all your muscle groups in 4- to 6-minute blocks, accompanied by the latest hits. Go through tons of calories and feel the burn!

Fightclub: Follow this hour lesson with Raymundo. Kick and punch your calories away. A mix of martial arts in a cario format. Kickboxing, Taekwando and Karate in a fun workout for all levels.

Kickboxing: Ready to kick some serious ass? Practice your sparring technique + combinations. For an improved fitness, toned muscle definition and mental strengthening. Every Monday evening from 20:00 to 21:00. 

Barre: A mix of ballet, yoga, and pilates combined. Find your inner balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric postures. Re-shape your body posture in this 1 hour class. 

Athletic Conditioning: Condition yourself like a real top-athlete. Challenge yourself for a duration of 45 minutes with this full-body workout, every weekday between 12:30 – 13: 15.