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We believe people can thrive in a complex dynamic world and make a
fundamental collective shift towards sustainable business.
From stretched to resilient, control to trust, rigid to agile.

Since three years we are offering Stretch & Meditatie sessions each Monday and
Friday from 12.30-13.00 in Clubsportive’s  Zenergy Room.
A moment for everyone to unplug to be able to reconnect again.

Training the mind, not only for vitality but also to be able to fully acces ones potential.
Research has shown meditation has a positive
effect on focus, resilience and decision making processes in a complex
and challenging world. Our training and coaching programs are especially
designed for people, companies and teams in the corporate world.

Questions about Mindfulbizz? E-mail Info@mindfulbizz.nl

NEW True Potential Program

In collaboration with Clubsportive specialists in the field of personal
training and nutrition, we have developed an integral program to
training Body & Mind: you can already apply for our True Potential 
Program or book a free Mind-Body consult now.