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After leading an active lifestyle I’ve discovered a passion for Running, Judo, Basketball as well as indoor/outdoor exercising. And in these experiences, I’ve become convinced about the added value of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. So I decided to become even more experienced and became a certified Health & Fitness Personal Trainer and founder of Eitanfit. I believe that with the right attitude and guidance, everyone can attain the body shape they desire. Be young at heart and mind regardless of your age, gender or physical (dis)abilities. My disciplines in Personal Training are pronounced in metabolic resistance training, weight loss, core & functional training, as well as posture, stability, and rehabilitation.

Eitan gives his workouts in English.

Personal Training: Wingate Institute – Holmes Place academy: posture-, core- and functional training – Training with injuries & diseases –┬áNaturopathy – Reflexology – Massage