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To regulate the number of people in our clubs, we ask you to book a time slot in which you come to train in advance.
A step-by-step plan of how this works exactly, information about the conditions, and making your first reservation can be found on this page.



  1. Use the button below to make a reservation for a time slot. If it is your first time making a reservation, please take the following steps carefully.
  2. You can make a maximum of 1 reservation at a time.
  3. You can only enter the club if you have a reservation. No reservation = no access, sorry!
  4. Once your time slot is over, you can make another reservation.
  5. A time slot is always max. 75 minutes.
  6. Do you want to change your reservation? Then cancel it and make a new reservation.
  7. Combine your visit with a studio or group lesson? You can! Book your entrance first and then your class.
  8. Can’t make it? Then cancel your reservation so that you can make someone else happy with that time slot.
    Go to your reservation and choose “cancel”.